How to pick the right pool cue?

Pool cues are the most significant part of a billiard game. The size, weight and material of your cue ball determine the quality of your shots. Following are the things you must consider in order topick the right cue for your pool table.  Pool Cue Weight In order to determine the weight best suited for your cue, you need to judge your own abilities. Knowing your weight and height is important to pick a right cue for yourselves. Most cues range from 17 to 21 ounces but there are some exceptions. All the cue manufacturers make their cues according to these standard weights. How exactly does the weight of your cues effect your shots? Heavy cue sticks trouble the player while drawing the stick on the other hand light cue sticks are difficult to control. You can buy a lighter cue stick then add weight later on. Most players prefer sticks that weigh 19 to 20 ounces.

8 Ball Rules

What are the rules of 8 ball? Pool 8 Ball RulesIntroduction: While playing pool, it is important that you are focused, knowledgeable, consistent and have a good hand-eye coordination. Moreover, your ability to strategize and patiently wait for the right opportunity also adds up to you being a good pool player. 8 ball is famous among pool players and is challenging for its strategy skills. It is a call shot game meaning you have to tell which ball you are intending to hit or pocket. The game is played with 15 object balls and one cue ball. To win the game, the players must pocket all the balls from their chosen group and then pocket the eight ball. It helps you improve your strategy skills and is beneficial for the learners and professionals alike. Now we’ll talk about the rules that can guide you through a 8 balls game. When starting the play, there are different ways to determine who will break the rack. But mostly flipping a coin is done to decide the breaker is preferred in internat…

What is the Most Expensive Pool Cue in the World?


What is the Standard Size of a Pool Cue?

Pool Cues Sizes :

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Your pool cue is the most crucial instrument during a game of billiards because it is the one thing that will ensure you have an accurate shot of the cue ball. Pool cues come in a variety of sizes, but you must choose a size that is the most suitable for you as the pool cue will determine your performance during the game. A general rule of thumb is that your pool cue should be suited to the length of your arm, and you should be able to get into a naturally comfortable position when using it.
57 and 58 Inch Cues

The longest size available is 57 inches (one piece) and 58 inches (two-piece) cues. Such pool cues are ideal for adults as they are suitable for longer arms and allow for greater control and accurate aim. Such cues provide the perfect amount of shot power to a full-sized adult, and they allow the adult to play in a comfortable positi…



Why are Pool Cues so Expensive? Pool cues have recently become a very expensive luxury commodity. Many people have stated that this is because billiards has become a sport associated with luxury in itself (somewhat like the luxury associated with golf). As a result, pool cues have followed suit and have become quite expensive. However, there is a lot of craftsmanship and consideration put into the design of each pool cue. The following are the reasons for the increasing price tags being put on pool cues: WoodPool cues that have a high price are often priced that way because of the material they are crafted from. Many companies manufacture pool cues using high-quality hardwood, like rosewood, ebony, cocobola, etc. Such woods may also be exotic and, thus, not very readily available. Exotic material means that the price of pool cues are bound to go up …

What is a good pool cue for a beginner?

Most beginners are confused when it comes to choosing a good pool cue. However, your main focus should be getting the right pool cue. Not every good pool cue is the right one for a beginner. The beginners usually need a cue that us durable, easy to handle, straight, and of the accurate size.

With the following things in mind, you can get a good pool cue for a beginner:

Look for the durable material. The maple cues are the ones that tend to be the most durable for the beginners. Being a beginner, you will be practicing multiple times a day, and the durable cue is the key to a great practice.

Accurate Size
When it comes to accurate size, three things that need to be considered are the length, weight, and straight design.

While the average length is 57 to 59 inches, the average weight of a cue is 18 to 21 ounces.

Straighter th…

How do you choose a Pool Cue?

How do you choose a Pool Cue?

Choosing the right pool cue for yourself can be a hassle, especially if you are a beginner with no idea what to look for. However, it helps to know some tricks on how to choose a pool cue before you go into a shop and buy something that does not suit you at all because of your misguided decision to listen to the shopkeeper.
Set a Budget for Yourself
Pool cues are quite expensive, and if you keep an unlimited budget, it is less likely that you will find something suitable, and more likely, you will find something only good for the show. Setting a budget will help limit your options so that the pool cue you do end up choosing is affordable for you. You’ll also be more picky with what you buy, ensuring that your final choice will be ideal.
Test the Cue before Buying
Buying a pool cue without testing or at least holding it is some…